Still on trend for 2021, camouflage is going in the direction of the conventional desert palette for lightweight outerwear and utility styles; true-to-nature camo prints make a comeback and we can give interiors a natural camo look too.


A key period in the history of camo and fashion is the '60s counterculture movement. Hippies purchased camo fatigues from Army Navy surplus stores and wore them as symbols to protest against the war. Continued by punk, hip hop, and other street style movements, even today, Camo is a print representing youthful and rebellious spirit. But we must not forget that it can also be a tribute to the military for saving our lives by risking theirs. Camo prints were originally made to blend in with natural surroundings, but today it makes people stand out amongst the crowd.

Camouflage will never go out of fashion. All we, as surface pattern designers have to do, is make it different from one season to another.